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Rape Culture





I like my rape culture the way I like my feminist’s credibility.

Deeply exaggerated.

"Rape culture isn’t real! I would violently rape any women who think it is!"

Antifeminists are amazing. And by amazing I mean subhuman trash.

Wow, if the OP isn’t the grossest thing ever.

I can only hope OP is just a very good/bad Poe.


Anonymous asked:

i like your nip color



Sorry perv. No nip slips in that pic. Wishful thinking.

How come I only get anons talking bout potential nudity?

And even if there was a nip slip… i used to post nudes on this blog all the time. I obviously am not concerned. why point it out?

You guys are pigs. That’s why I stopped posting nudes. You can’t just enjoy something for what it is without being obnoxious about it, and if it’s not even there, you’re imagining it…and STILL being obnoxious about it.

Dear sexist jackasses,

When you go out of your way to make the internet an unsafe space for women via your harassment, they are much less likely to take their clothes off.  Respect their minds and choices and you stand a better chance of appreciating their bodies.  (However, expecting that respecting their mind means they owe you a glimpse of their body invalidates everything.  Respect them because you should fucking respect them.)






Fundamentalists respond during the premier of Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

This is why education and science communication are important.

I was laughing at this until it dawned on me that these people were not being ironic.

Now I’m depressed.


i had a similar reaction to redbatman. ugh.




"malala is a role model for EVERY LITTLE GIRL regardless of race and religion"

no no n


no no fuck stop it

it is not regardless of race and religion
she is a role model SPECIFICALLY for muslim little girls around the world. little white girls around the world have TONS of role models. everywhere. literally all over television, books, you name it. admire Malala, yes. that’s not what is being said. do not take something that is meant for a specific culture simply because you want it. know anything about Malala?  because I’m pretty sure she would read what you just said and be severely disappointed.

this post makes me so angry.  you are actually implying that this little girl is not allowed to be inspired by Malala because this girl isn’t Muslim, and that is just… so wrong.  That’s terrible.  


My philosophy of non-violence was only meant for Indians! Everyone else should just ignore me.


My charity was only meant to inspire my native Albanians. Everyone else should just forget about itimage

My courage and perseverance should only be a light unto fellow disabled people. Other people should realize I am just “not for them.”


My discoveries? GERMANS ONLY!image

My charity work was really only meant to inspire Brits, not actually help anyone who isn’t my skin color and nationality.


I only care about Tibet. The rest of the world can suck it!



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